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Just Cause

Adopting a strong just cause standard would not only have significant economic, social, and democratic benefits but would bring the US in line with the labor standards already shared by peer democracies. Moreover, just cause is far from unheard of in the United States. The just cause standard that is denied to the most vulnerable workers in the economy is already written into the contracts of the majority of executives for whom these employees work.

Just Cause

Andrias and Hertel-Fernandez argue that the at-will employment standard undermines workplace health, safety, and economic dignity. The authors detail multiple pathways toward ending at-will employment in the US private sector, including enacting federal legislation, utilizing executive branch authority, and adopting state and local just cause standards.

Just cause is the keystone of the union contract, protecting members from unwarranted and excessive discipline. But up to now many of its most important secrets have been restricted to arbitrators and labor professionals.

Early attention to any problem can reduce the potential of a major conflict developing, and supervisors/managers should contact us to discuss problem situations. The supervisor and employee will not always agree as to what constitutes just cause, and a grievance may result. If the discipline is to be effective, it must be administered in such a way as to sustain a challenge if a grievance is filed and eventually appealed to arbitration. Consultation with an Employee Relations Consultant is required prior to initiation of formal discipline (e.g., letter of warning, suspension, dismissal), and before, if possible, placing an employee on investigatory leave.

In order to evict a tenant from a rental unit covered by the Rent Ordinance, a landlord must have a "just cause" reason that is the dominant motive for pursuing the eviction. Note that the mere expiration of a rental agreement or a change in ownership does not constitute "just cause" for eviction.

The landlord also needs a "just cause reason to take away or remove access to certain housing services, including but not limited to garage facilities, parking facilities, driveways, storage spaces, and laundry rooms. However, a landlord who has complied with the requirements of Ordinance Section 37.2(r) may temporarily remove certain housing services, including parking and storage spaces, in order to perform mandatory soft-story seismic retrofit work required by the Building Code.

The substance of the law, utilizing and applying progressive discipline consistently and following just cause, may not be the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge an employer may face is likely in the day-to-day record keeping required by the law. Employers must be able to prove they are following the law by supplying proof of progressive discipline and that the criteria of just cause outlined in the law were met.

If we determine that you were fired or suspended for misconduct or gross misconduct connected with your work, we will deny your benefits for at least 10 weeks after the week you were fired and until you earn at least 10 times your weekly benefit amount in a job that is covered by unemployment insurance. If we deny your benefits based on gross misconduct, we will also remove wages and hours from your unemployment insurance records. Once the wages and hours are removed, they are no longer available for your use and may cause you to be ineligible for future unemployment benefits.

A war is only just if it is fought for a reason that is justified, and that carries sufficient moral weight. The country that wishes to use military force must demonstrate that there is a just cause to do so.

Employers have the right to terminate employees but must give notice that the employment is ending. An exception to the notice requirement applies where the employer can prove just cause. Just cause refers to conduct that is of such a serious nature or extent that it essentially breaks the employment relationship. Employment Standards investigates complaints to determine if the employer had just cause for the termination.

Each situation must be looked at on a case by case basis. Very serious acts, such as those involving wilful misconduct or violence, might happen once and be sufficient to show just cause. These types of behaviours can damage the employment relationship to the point it cannot reasonably continue.

Other behaviours, such as being late, missing work, and poor performance are not necessarily serious enough to terminate without notice. For just cause to apply in these cases, the employer must be able to show appropriate steps were taken to correct the behaviour, including:

Employers must consistently apply workplace rules and practices to terminate an employee without notice. It is difficult to prove just cause when the employer does nothing to change a particular behaviour or has excused the same behaviour in the past.

Yes, the Marin County Board of Supervisors has established an ordinance that requires landlords to have a just cause to terminate a residential tenancy in unincorporated areas of Marin. The ordinance is commonly called Just Cause or Just Cause for Eviction.

You can remove your tenant at any time for one of the reasons enumerated in the Just Cause for Eviction ordinance by filing a lawful Notice of Termination and serving your tenant with it. Without cause, you may not ask your tenant to leave when their lease term ends. Unless you offer to renew the rental agreement, or propose new lease terms, your existing lease will default into continuing on a monthly basis.

AB 1482, the Tenants Protection Act of 2019, became effective January 1, 2020 and includes both rent cap and just cause provisions. The bill states that if a local just cause ordinance was passed before September 1, 2019, it takes precedence over the state's just cause provisions. The County's Just Cause for Eviction policy passed December 18, 2018. Properties in unincorporated Marin should continue to reference the County's Just Cause policy.

Your landlord can evict you at any time for reasons or, "causes," enumerated in the Just Cause for Eviction ordinance by filing a lawful Notice of Termination and serving you with it. Without cause, your landlord may not ask you to leave when your lease term ends. Unless they offer to renew the rental agreement, or propose new lease terms, your existing lease will default into continuing on a monthly basis.

One of the main reasons workers join unions is to gain protection against unfair and unjust discipline that employers hand out. Stewards must be ready to handle all sorts of discipline cases, from warnings to suspensions to firings. Stewards must be ready to deal with situations ranging from gross discrimination by the boss on who gets disciplined to union members who sometimes seem to go out of their way to get themselves in trouble.

Unless a valid distinction justifies a higher penalty, an employer may not assess a considerably stronger punishment against one employee than it assessed against another known to have committed the same or a substantially similar offense.

Indeed, the foray into Panama was the largest US combat operation since the Vietnam War. The US government trotted out various noble justifications for the operation, such as improving the lot of the Panamanians by hauling their dictator, General Manuel Noriega, off to the US to face drug-trafficking charges.

If the rent was increased more than the allowed amount between March 15, 2019 and January 1, 2020, the rent must be adjusted (commonly referred to as a Rent Rollback) to the March 15th, 2019 rent plus the maximum allowable increase. This is the new rental rate the tenants are expected to pay as of January 1, 2020. You will not be required to reimburse the tenant for any overpayment of rent for 2019. The law expires on January 1, 2030.

To adjust the fidelity and visibility of game elements players can switch between four Level of Detail factors, altering the geometric detail of objects and buildings, and the number of objects and game elements that are rendered at medium to long view distances.

With an identical CPU-powered simulation implemented across all platforms, the GPU-powered Water Detail setting in the PC edition of Just Cause 3 merely adjusts the fidelity of waves, and the visibility of effects on and beneath WaveWorks-enhanced bodies of water. Examples include water, wave and wake foam, enabled by Very High and High, ocean-bed caustics, and underwater God Rays.

President Bush outlined four objectives for the Invasion of Panama. The first was to protect U.S. citizens in the country. There were an estimated 35,000 Americans living, working and doing business in the country, not just the American personnel stationed there. Furthermore, the U.S. wanted to restore democratic and human rights for Panamanians, which were increasingly restricted by Noriega's rule.

The most difficult task fell to Task Force Bayonet, made up of four Sheridan armored vehicles, three battalions of infantry and four helicopter gunships. Its mission was to fight its way through Panama City to capture Fort Amador, then continue on to seize La Comandancia, all while protecting the U.S. embassy. The embassy began taking rocket and mortar fire just a half-hour after hostilities commenced. 041b061a72


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