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Of course, creating and hosting a great website won't do you a lot of good if nobody visits it. To draw your audience in, you'll need to employ some smart marketing techniques to engage your current and potential client base. Here's what 14 members of Forbes Coaches Council recommend doing to create organic traffic back to your coaching website.


The secret to engaging your audience is delivering compelling content to your audience on a consistent basis via social media, live streams, videos, etc. This will give them confidence that they can gain value from being a part of your community and also increase your brand's credibility. Also, design a good opt-in, like a PDF, e-book or free course, and promote it to drive traffic to your site. - Lakrisha Davis, Lakrisha Davis & Co.

As a coach, utilizing internet radio in the form of podcasting is a great way to create organic traffic back to your website. Not only can you host your very own podcast, but you can also actively serve as a guest on other podcasts as well. The two best things about podcasts are, the links remain on the web forever and most podcast platforms are free or low-cost broadcast medium options. - Lori A. Manns, Quality Media Consultant Group

I share little career coaching tips via my YouTube Channel called "Rooftop Revelations." I tape myself giving advice on various topics that I'm commonly asked. They are short videos that catch enough interest, give workable actions and also open the conversation up for a further chat with me one on one. I share to all of my accounts. It offers great engagement, and it's free. - Joyel Crawford, Crawford Leadership Strategies, LLC.

LinkedIn is the best way to target your professional network through publishing your own articles, posting work by other people who are in your field, participating in groups and providing value to the conversations going on there. The more active you get, the better response you will get as more people will be paying attention. All of this will lead to more organic traffic to your site. - Monica Thakrar, MTI

One of the best ways I have created traffic is responding personally and engaging with my audience. For example, when I post an article and someone likes it, comments, or shares it I sometimes ask them to have a conversation. Starting a dialogue and asking people to review the response on our site creates a bond and builds the audience one at a time, but the conversation brings in others. - John M. O'Connor, Career Pro Inc.

The current Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Partnership Program is a non-funded partnership between selected colleges and universities and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Program is a valuable source of applicants for air traffic controller positions. Graduates of AT-CTI programs have broad-based aviation degrees that include specific air traffic curricula. Although there is no guarantee of employment, collegiate aviation is considered a critical hiring source to meet the FAA's need for air traffic controllers now and in the future. In addition, students who graduate from AT-CTI Schools are eligible to bypass the first five weeks of initial qualification training at the FAA Academy because of their college education.

AT-CTI schools offer two- and four-year non-engineering aviation degrees that teach basic courses in air traffic control and aviation administration. The AT-CTI program is designed to provide qualified candidates for developmental air traffic control specialist positions.

The Traffic Enforcement Training Unit is responsible for the training of newly hired probationary traffic enforcement agents and for the in-service training of veteran traffic enforcement agents. Their mission is to provide an educational foundation for all traffic enforcement personnel in the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective agents. Through the training experience provided, traffic enforcement agents will gain the skills necessary to help in the reduction of pedestrian injuries from collisions while keeping the vehicular traffic moving throughout New York City.

Amid the on-field skid, Bezdek spent November in a public dalliance with the Philadelphia Phillies, who aggressively pursued a deal to pry him out of his 10-year contact at Penn State with a lucrative offer to return to professional baseball as a manager (he previously split time managing the Pittsburgh Pirates and coaching Oregon and then Penn State football around WWI). Despite the November downturn in results, Penn State students and alumni spent the month pleading with the coach to stay, culminating in an emotional campus rally before the Nittany Lions departed for their Thanksgiving game in Pittsburgh.

When gameday morning arrived, Penn State attended the Tournament of Roses Parade in advance of the scheduled 2:15 p.m. kickoff time. However, the team got stuck in traffic returning to the hotel for lunch. Traffic only got worse when the team departed for the game, as the biggest crowd in Rose Bowl history to that point flocked to the new stadium, with disorganized traffic patterns creating a chaotic route that held up most of the Penn State team.

Henderson coached USC for two more seasons and left after 1924, when the Trojans tried to replace him with Knute Rockne. He finished his coaching career at Tulsa. Bezdek, meanwhile, was at the height of his fame after the Phillies flirtation, but it turned out that the Nittany Lions had peaked under his watch.

External training is available for various bridge, construction, design, development, environmental, maintenance, project, program and portfolio management, right-of-way, safety, and traffic courses. Training is open to consultants, contractors, government employees and those of other publicly funded organizations such as metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), regional mobility authorities (RMAs), port authorities and councils of government (COGs).

First, choose your format. If you are coaching in person, draw a simplistic traffic light on a large piece of chart paper (a vertical rectangle and three circles will suffice!) and stock the tables with colorful sticky notes in red, yellow and green. If working virtually, insert an image of a traffic light onto a Google Jamboard and invite teachers to create colorful digital sticky notes instead.

Invite teachers to label their colorful sticky notes and adhere them to the chart paper or Jamboard. In just a few short minutes, we can easily learn what we can celebrate and what we can continue to focus on in our coaching. And the variations are endless. Here are just a few:

The lives of those in the air heavily depend on Airmen on the ground. Responsible for managing the flow of aircraft through all aspects of their flight, Air Traffic Control specialists ensure the safety and efficiency of air traffic on the ground and in the air. Providing specialized skills, these highly trained professionals make quick decisions while monitoring many variables to keep bases, airspace and Airmen all over the world safe.

I just listened to this episode on August 31, 2019. I am in Orlando, FL. Florida has most likely JUST dodged a direct hit by Category 4 Hurricane Dorian. I hope his website got the spike in traffic that he desired in the past week or so.

Seasoned Driver Training Programs Improve your driving skills, and if you're 55 or older, get a discount on your personal auto insurance. The Defensive Driving Course teaches basic crash prevention techniques and has a proven record of reducing traffic violations and incidents. It's taught by experienced, professional traffic safety instructors, including current and former law enforcement. The class consists of lecture, films and discussions. There is no behind-the-wheel driving and there are no tests. According to Minnesota state law, people age 55 and older who complete a state-approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.This includes in-person classroom, online training, and live virtual Zoom classes. Contact your insurance agent for details. After you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion to give to your insurance company.

Likewise, many fleet managers and CDL employers worry about increased fleet insurance premiums. Some of these increases are in the $10,000 range annually. Therefore, they develop a zero-tolerance policy for all traffic tickets, even those which their drivers receive in their private vehicles.

Although you may be tempted to represent yourself in traffic court to fight the red-light ticket, that is not advisable because it is a complicated issue. A traffic ticket attorney can investigate areas you may not have ready access to, and if you plead not guilty at arraignment, you will need to take another day off from work to return to court. The fine and traffic school alone are over $500, and an increase in your auto insurance premium could make it closer to $2000 over the three-year timeframe the conviction will remain on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR). And, we already discussed the possibility of termination from your CDL employer. Talk to a traffic ticket lawyer.

Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300, to talk about your red-light ticket. Let them ask the tough questions and investigate the incident. CDL holders must challenge every traffic ticket, not just to avoid a significant fine, but possible NOTS and CSA points, which could jeopardize your driving career.

Bigger & Harman only practice traffic law and have gotten dismissals and no-point violations for thousands of California drivers. They will resolve your ticket using a flat fee so you always know exactly how much you will pay; no surprise fees or expensive hourly wages, just the skilled and experienced representation you deserve.

The next report shows the progress in conversions, +40% organic conversions year over year, getting more people on the client's e-mail list, ready to be warmed up for his high-ticket coaching program. 041b061a72


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