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Criminal Minds Season 10 - Episode 22

Now, as for the final few minutes of the episode: it seems the pedophile who calls himself "Bobby" has finally made his move on Meg and Markayla. And this sets us up for next week's season finale, aptly titled "The Hunt".

Criminal Minds Season 10 - Episode 22

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This one had everything, folks: mind control, terror-filled hallucinations, personal life-and-death gambits, NSA subplots, and a story with a ton of historical world building for its characters. This episode also kicked off a multi-season plotline for one of Criminal Minds' most infamous nemeses. If this episode successfully hooks you, this reddit thread lists all the subsequent important episodes of this killer's arc.

As the BAU closed in and captured the Messiah, however, the situation turned on a dime when the double-cross they anticipated came from a totally different angle, the Messiah managed to get free, and a hostage situation quickly ensued with two of their own in the crossfire. Since the episode naturally ended on a high-stakes cliffhanger (which is probably one of the many reasons this episode is so well-liked), season 14's numerically significant premiere, "300," finished the rest of the story. Though it didn't make this list, "300" is also astoundingly well-rated among Criminal Minds episodes, and it won't let you down as a conclusion.

To properly appreciate "Revelations," it should be understood that it is the second half of a two-part mid-season climax in season 2. Though the latter half is by far the more exciting episode, the episode that aired before it (entitled "The Big Game") is critical to understanding what's going on. This is one of the episodes many longtime fans of Criminal Minds will point to as a personal favorite; it's exceedingly dark, creative in characterizing the murderer's MO, and it features Dr. Reid taking a whole lot of abuse. In fact, this episode is the establishing point of what would become a trope within the series of making Reid the punching bag of the show. Many great episodes poison, shoot, or otherwise maim and hospitalize him, but "Revelations" did it first and probably the most profoundly.

In the episode, the killer-of-the-week the BAU had been previously investigating upped the stakes by snatching Dr. Reid right out from under the team while they were out searching for the suspect. The case became a whole new kind of personal, as they were forced to watch Reid on a video broadcast being subjected to the same torture they'd seen previous victims endure, and witness Reid try to argue, cajole, and outsmart his captor all in real time. It was a harrowing episode, and a few seasons later, Gubler would take his first turn in the director's chair for an installment that was even darker.

The top-rated episode of all according to IMDb metrics is the season 11 episode "Entropy," proving that even in latter days, Criminal Minds could still come out strong with powerful stories. The season featured several episodes centered around a secretive network of hitmen that each specialized in different types of assassination and preferred clients. "Entropy" is the standout episode of this arc, featuring the inimitable Aubrey Plaza in a very different kind of role you're used to: Miss 45, the member of the group that took commissions from men looking to kill their wives, sometimes even killing the clients in a double-cross as part of her serial killer pathology.

According to showrunner Erica Messer as she spoke to Entertainment Weekly, the last few episodes of the finale will focus on Jennifer Love Hewitt's character, Kate, who was introduced in the season premiere.

T is episode is a dramatic phenomenon where a former FBI agent becomes a serial killer. The plot is bad on revenge, and the killer starts to copycat crimes the BAU has previously solved. The stakes rise when the killer comes after one of the team members leaves the episode in such a perfect ending for an exciting season. 041b061a72


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