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Buy Camera Online Singapore

Likely your first and last stop, Peninsula Shopping Centre is a small arcade located near Clarke Quay with a cluster of independent camera stores that mostly specialize in used equipment and accessories.

buy camera online singapore


Second-hand dealers stocking a range of digital and film equipment. Lots of old rarities to find here like medium and large format cameras, alongside a decent selection of Leica cameras and lenses. A real treat for film shooters.

I absolutely adore this little shop. Like the other stores in this list, they have their own small collection of second hand cameras/lenses for sale, but the real reason to visit is for their extensive collection of photography books. They have stock (at my time of visiting) of such books as "Magnum Contact Sheets" & "The Decisive Moment" .

This is the big one. Black Market Camera (despite the name) is likely the best store in all of Singapore. They have an insane range of second-hand cameras and lenses across all brands, both for digital and film. Everything is neatly displayed with a rating scale, so you can easily view gear rated from worn to mint condition.

There are numerous camera stores to be found on the ground floor. Unmissable due to the insanely huge signs. Worth a visit if you are trying to price an item up, but I would generally avoid these stores. They do tend to over-inflate their prices and personally, I find the sales staff quite pushy.

Naturally, there are many more camera stores dotted around Singapore, but really there is little need to run around when these two locations have all your needs covered under one roof (or two as is the case with Peninsula Plaza/Centre).

TKfoto is a well respected name amongst local photographers. They are also one of the few stores with a hands on area so you can test out the latest models of Sony, Canon & Nikon cameras. In addition to this, there is a small drone test pilot area if you fancy having a play with the latest tech from DJI.

In 2009, 8storeytree branched out with the opening of Thirtysix, the first toy camera boutique in Singapore. Our core objective was to reintroduce film and spread the love of experimental photography by offering a wide range of analogue cameras, Lomography products, photography accessories, film processing services and an unlimited supply of films to keep photo enthusiasts trigger-happy for over 4 years.

Today, 8storeytree continues to inspire people mainly through analogue & instant photography. We are now the authorized distributor of Mint, Hong Kong in Singapore and Malaysia and we specialise in Polaroid instant film cameras and accessories.

The camera industry is a booming one, with camera shops opening up all over the place. It can be difficult to choose which camera shop you want to go to, especially if you are looking for something specific. This article will help make your decision easier by listing some of the best camera shops in Singapore!

Had my camera fix. Alex was transparent with the price, explain amd suggested what needs to be change. price was reasonable. Probably will cost much more if i get it fix at the Olympus svc ctr. Thank you Alex!

They offer a wide range of cameras, including cine cameras, instant cameras, VR and 360 video cameras, action cameras, and many more. Sony, DJI Innovations (formerly known as Horizon Hobby), GoPro (formerly known as Housing My Hero), etc are among their names.

Film lovers will enjoy the opportunity to get their hands on one of these cameras, which are available to purchase at Filmm. Located in Singapore, this camera store helps you discover your passion for old film. This shop ensures that each camera is thoroughly tested to ensure its quality, thanks to the presence of unique vintage cameras that are still in excellent condition.

SG Camera Store offers a comprehensive selection of camera equipment, ranging from the fundamental to the most advanced gear. Lenses, batteries, filters, chargers, memory cards, stabilizers, tripods, and other accessories are all available.

Since 2015, Lucacam has been supplying professional photographers with photographic equipment. Their staff of photography professionals will assist you in finding the finest equipment for your requirements. Their team of specialists carefully picked their wide range of camera types, accessories, and other items to ensure that they are reliable.

They have a wide range of cameras and other video equipment available for purchase on their store, which includes everything from basic cameras to action cameras, 360 cameras, and drones! They also provide additional accessories beyond cameras, such as stabilizers, audio devices, keyboards, monitors, wireless chargers, and more.

They stock a limited range of brands, including well-known ones like Panasonic and Canon, which are among the most popular on the market. It might be tough to locate accessories that work with your primary camera equipment, but their goods are all handpicked to compliment one another at 7DayDeal.

Found this place via Carousel and owner promptly replied for the queries. Went there to buy a gimble case which was difficult to find in other shops. it is located in Parklane shopping mall, a quiet old building close to Dhoby Ghaut , Bencoolen mrt stations. Theye is a huge variety of camera/equipments ranging from mobile to Professional grade. Staff members are quite helpful and prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended.

One of the most well-known camera shops in Singapore is Click Cameras. It is a 30-year-family business known for its honesty, integrity, outstanding sales and after-sales service, and low prices. Click Cameras is one of the most well-known names in camera manufacturing not just in Singapore, but around the world. What makes Click Cameras so distinctive is its wide range of camera models that are difficult to locate somewhere else.

I was served by Peter on 26 Jan 2019. He had replied my enquiry in Lazada earlier that day and I decided to get the item from the physical store later. He was friendly, patient, and even helped me stick the screen protector on the camera screen without me asking. Will definitely purchase from this store again

There is so much room! You can fit a laptop, water, a tripod, your camera & lenses, a change of clothes or shoes! I love the front pocket for the camera and lenses, so much more convenient than the shoulder bag I was carrying around.

Long search for a good camera bag finally over. I had been looking for years now for a good bag to replace my old worn out one. Tried a bunch of bags and ended up giving them away. It had been hard to find a functional one that can carry a laptop, and most importantly, allows for very quick access to my gear. This bag is the one.

Physical shops carrying used film camera options in Singapore are generally congregated around the City Hall area, especially in Peninsula Shopping Centre. Look out for shops like Black Market Camera and Riceball Photography.

Ordinary people have been trying to get their hands on a high definition video camera. And you might wonder why and if you should get one for yourself too.The little significant moments in our life can be recorded because of man's latest innovation regarding cameras. A birthday, a graduation, a wedding ceremony, a catastrophe, even the birth of a baby animal can now be recorded and captured with the use of HD video cameras. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();These cameras, unlike the other cameras of the past - black and white and unattractive, are one of the must-haves of each person who is interested in keeping memories of real life experiences. Sad to say, it is now time to say goodbye to standard cameras and greet the high definition video cameras with open arms. Owners of SD cameras may now throw away their last season's purchase and go to the nearest HD video camera store.SD Video Camera - Wipe those tears away for your old SD video camera, and don't look back. Yes, perhaps the SD cameras were once the camcorder T-Rex's of the 90's, boasting their colorful quality in high definition television sets. However, as the years passed, customers are now demanding better gadgets everyday -gadgets that aim toward comfort and convenience. And with perfect timing, high definition cameras swooped in the camera industry, and standard definition cameras started to become the thing of the past.HD Technology - For those of you who are interested in a high definition video camera's technicalities, you may browse through online sites, brochures or catalogues of famous manufactures such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and JVC. These four manufacturers are one of the first few companies that developed the HD video camera during the late 90's.Reviews - Online websites that focus on camcorders provide an in-depth coverage of specs and ratings of a certain camcorder. Not to mention, a chance to compare prices, specs, advantages and disadvantages. Perfect for helping you decide which brand of high definition video camera you should buy.Cost - Regarding the cost, since HDV cameras have just been released a couple years back. They are still quite pricey compared to the standard cameras used by the public. However, if you think about it in the long run, HDV cameras are a good investment for your videos compared to the SD cameras. Why? These brand new cameras are able to record real-life moments and allow you to watch them in your computers, portable video players, I-pods or television sets.Many individuals even wish that high definition cameras started way back in the early 60's or 70's, wherein so many significant and maybe even historical events took place. But alas, camcorder innovations were only speeded up during the 90's. However, most of HD video camera buyers were content with their purchase despite the high price and are now able to create videos with quality equivalent to those made in the film industry.

International sales present an excellent opportunity for online retailers. But they also raise a host of considerations, including dealing with import formalities. For merchants looking to ship goods to Singapore, learning about Singapore import tax and customs duties is a must. 041b061a72


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