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Reflected In You

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Reflected in You


The results of this study show that the phenomenon of the inner child is reflected in events during childhood and that these experiences are remembered throughout life and relate to the well-being of older persons. This is in some way what Tornstam (2011) talks about: a reconciling of experiences and memories and the idea that we are all ages at the same time. However, his conclusions that older persons become less interested in social interactions and have a greater need for solitary meditation were not noted in this study. Instead, the findings of this study point in a somewhat complex direction, showing that some older persons became more contented, while others were weighed down by remembering their childhood experiences throughout life, which affected their interest in being socially active. According to Berg, Hassing, McClearn, and Johansson, McClearn, and Johansson (2006, 2009), social network quality, a sense of being in control of one's life, and decreased depressive symptoms were significantly associated with higher life satisfaction among the oldest individuals. According to Antonovsky (1979), a sense of coherence helps people handle problems and difficulties in life as some people stay healthy and develop a sense of meaning in their lives despite stressful and traumatic experiences. Even if he does not mention the inner child, Antonovsky (1979), talks about resistance resources as a sort of inner strength. However, he does not connect the resistance resources as strongly to the relation between the human being and his or her social network during childhood, which was described by the participants in this study. 041b061a72


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