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Who Buys Blacklisted Iphones

Do not forget to pass a captcha test. And then just click the button in order to check IMEI in the international database. Verify that the IMEI is CLEAN and the phone is not blacklisted Now you can be sure whether the ESN is bad or clean. Note that blacklisted phones can not be used with most mobile operators.

who buys blacklisted iphones


Not all online buyer will buy blacklisted phones, but if you are the legal owner of the iPhone it can be sold to Recell Cellular. iPhone's end up on the blacklist for many different reasons and we are very understanding of that. Over the years we have found more and more ways to repurpose iPhones for their parts and recycle this harmful e-waste to help save the environment. Our expertise in iPhone recycling puts more money in your pocket. Because you can sell your blacklisted iPhone to us everyone wins including Mother Earth!

However, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and later models such as iPhone 8 and iPhone X that are blacklisted can still be unlocked. Please be sure to tell them the whole truth about the history of the phone to avoid any complication later.

Remember that honesty is the best policy. So do explain to your potential buyer that the iPhone has blacklisted IMEI e.g. the phone was reported lost or stolen) in your current location but will work fine in his or her country.

My problem is i bought a phone off of Facebook and the person that sold it to me lied when i asked if it was stolen and or paid off. She had told me it was paid in full and definitely not stolen. I activated the phone through cricket with no problems and now 15 days later my account get suspended because im using a blacklisted phone. Is there anything i can do? I have tried getting ahold of the seller and she has blocked me on facebook so that is not an option.

but you can use blocked (bad financed) phones on other networks within the usa, but not blacklisted(lost or stollen) . Like you can use a t-mobile or metro pcs phone on att or cricket wireless , att prepaid , (straight talks att sim) and other GSM networks within the usa after being unlocked if they are blocked or have a bad finance on the original carriers network. T-mobile is making it harder to do that these days as now they have an unlock app on the android phones. You can still find companies that will unlock them but it cost more to unlock them and you just run the app and it will let you unlock them. you can also use At&t blocked network phones on T-moblie , (straight talk t-mobile sim) and metro pcs as long as they are just blocked and not blacklisted.

Hi Jayson, how do you unblock a blacklisted phone. I was purchased a iPhone 6 on line and got ripped off the phone is idmi blacklisted lost or stolen i payed a lot of money feel totally sick about it.

Yes on any apple just pay 98 cents for a at&t compatable straight talk sim card and pop it in. then activate the sim online or over the phone with straight talk 45$ or 55$ plan restart the phone and it will be on. I have done 6 iphones in the last 2 months. Its that easy. No need to change anything. You also get the LTE. If anyone tells you any different they are wrong. I do it all of the time. I just activated a blacklisted sprint, and a blacklisted tmobile

I have locked iCloud on a iPhone 6s Tmobile and they made a trade with me and I searched up the IMEI # and it says blacklisted in order to activate idk if it is actually stolen in trying to activate it.

Hi i have this samsung galaxy s7 that i bought online that is blacklisted, i was wondering where can i get it unblacklisted? Also, does the phone being blacklisted makes it have a bad imei? Please answer my question. Thank you

I have a blacklisted note 4 from t mobile that I bought from Craigslist. I have no clue where or who this person is or how to find him again. Anyways how do I get it unblacklisted. I was able to unlock the phone but the imei is bad.. can someone please help?

Blacklist and unlocking a phone are 2 different things. If a phone is blacklisted for stolen you will not be able to use it on any carriers network. Not sure about international but definitely not in the U.S. Unlocking it is providing you the option of using it on another carrier (unless it is blacklisted) in the U.S. 2 very different things.

Hello My name is Eugene. I live in Moscow. 03/03/14 I bought the phone on Ebay. as the goods delivered in Russia, I arrange delivery to my friend in USA. he sent me a phone in Russia. Today I received a phone, but it was blocked. I can not get it back, as has already been a long time after purchase and the seller no longer registered on the site. what can I do to unlock this phone? I am ready to pay for unlocking.after a call to the operator t-mobile, I learned that the phone is stolen and blacklisted.He boxed as new ..

This method may indirectly contribute to phone insurance fraud as people report their old phone stolen and sell it for profit,I recommend surrendering the blacklisted phone to the police as they may investigate it and do not sell it

This happened to me with my IPhone XS Max and I am out $850.00. Funny thing is the phone was working fine for two months. Then all of a sudden, it stopped working. Checking ATT website it says the phone was reported stolen. Called ATT and didn't would not do anything. All they said was to contact the original seller and have him unblacklisted, which is not possible.

Before you sell your blacklisted phone, you should first find out if your device is blocked. You can get your phone unblocked by switching carriers. While it might not be possible to sell a blacklisted phone, you can try to contact the previous owner and ask for an unlock code. However, most sellers of second-hand items will ignore your request. In this case, it is best to search for a buyer through a local pawn shop or repair shop. If all else fails, you can try IMEI Pro.

If your phone is blacklisted, you need to know how to unlock it. You will need to take the device to a third-party unlocking company. These companies will work to unlock your phone without needing to jailbreak it and will charge you a certain amount. There are some services that go the legal route and will unlock your phone for free. These services are specifically designed for iPhones and can also unlock any other type of mobile device.

It is not possible to jailbreak a blacklisted phone unless you are an Apple developer. But you can unlock your iPhone without compromising your privacy and security. Firstly, you must understand that blacklisted phones cannot be used on the same network as those that are unlocked. You can only use WiFi and non-cellular networks on blacklisted phones. Moreover, if you have a blacklisted phone, you can use it for non-cellular and WiFi.

If you want to sell a blacklisted phone, there are several different options. GameStop will buy a dead, damaged, or unlocked phone. If you can get the device to work, the company will buy it from you. However, if the phone is blacklisted, there are a couple of things you can do to get your phone sold at a higher value. First, you should make sure that your phone is paid off. You should pay off all of your installments on the phone before you sell it. A blacklisted phone is not worth much to a gamer.

At times, you may purchase an iPhone, and you find the iPhone is blacklisted. How to activate a blacklisted iPhone? The why and how you can activate the blacklisted iPhone will be covered in this article. So, stick around to learn how to activate a blacklisted iPhone.

The number one option to try to activate a blacklisted iPhone is to contact your original carrier and inquire about why the iPhone is blacklisted. If the iPhone has been blacklisted over the pending bill, you need to clear them to regain your iPhone by having the carrier remove your iPhone from the blacklist.

What's blacklisting, and what does IMEI is blocked mean on an iPhone? Let's go over what happens if your IMEI is blocked, how to get unblocked, and how to make sure you don't buy a blacklisted iPhone.

Can a stolen phone be blocked? Yes! A blacklisted phone has its IMEI number blocked because it's a stolen or lost iPhone, or one that's been flagged due to unpaid bills, lack of accurate contact information, or even phone insurance fraud.

If an IMEI number is blocked, the cellular carrier associated with that phone adds it to a list of blacklisted devices. So, can you use an IMEI blocked phone? No, not really. A blacklisted iPhone can't access its associated cellular network to use data or make calls. The iPhone can, however, still connect to and use Wi-Fi networks.

"Can I search an IMEI number?" Of course! If you're in the market for a used iPhone, you'll want to find a good IMEI checker, so you can avoid purchasing a blacklisted iPhone. There are three ways to know if your iPhone is unlocked. The first is to check in the Settings app to make sure there's no carrier lock. The second is to use a SIM card. Finally, you can use an IMEI checker to make sure the iPhone you want to purchase isn't blacklisted.

The Post said Ren was seeking to calm a retaliatory movement in China against Apple.Social media users are calling for a boycott of the iPhone maker after Huawei was blacklisted by the Trump administration.

With these identifiers recorded, anyone who tries to reactivate a phone that is on the blacklist will be unable to do so because service providers will refuse to sell them a plan. Furthermore, service providers who identify a blacklisted device are likely to report it to the authorities.

Not sure how you expect the network to help, unfortunately, this is going to be between you and the fraudster. When you were sold the phone it was probably already a stolen device and you had someone else's property in your hands. Phones are not blacklisted without a valid reason and you would have no idea how this seller came to get hold of this phone and the circumstances of how it was stolen.

UPDATE: Our Premium Gold Service is unavailable at the current time as it is not possible to unlock a blacklisted iPhone from AT&T. We recommend checking the active unlocking services directly on our website prior to submitting an unlocking order. 041b061a72


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