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Boo Hoo Gif

Professor Henry Brubaker said: GIFs like the one of Big Brother contestant Elissa Slater laughing so hard she spits out her drink are a poor substitute for using words like an evolved human being.

boo hoo gif

To craft Bio-Goo, you need an egg, a bucket of milk, some wheat, and some rotten flesh. The egg can be substituted with the eggs of Prehistoric Creatures, and the rotten flesh can be substituted with Failuresaurus Flesh to create 4 Bio-Goo at once.

We think the phrase is much older than either of those but these two were perhaps the introduction of the phrase into common parlance and may be responsible for the wide acceptance of it in modern language.

Another theory is that American comedian and violinist Jack Benny took on the phrase and had a small violin made which he played on TV. We can find no evidence to back this claim up but it does pre-date MASH by a significant amount of time.

Steve Buscemi, Mr Pink in the movie plays the small violin and the thumb and forefinger movement in mock sympathy. While certainly not the first time it was used on popular culture, it was possibly the most widely watched.

From Steppenwolf in 1974 to the book Wizard and Glass from Stephin King, Sabrina the Teenage Witch to the computer game World of Warcraft where there is an emote playing the smallest violin, the phrase is now a part of common usage across the world.

UraShimaSakataSen (浦島坂田船), or USSS for short, is a 4-unit indie pop boy group consisting of Uratanuki (Green), Shima (Purple), Sakata (Red) and Senra (Yellow). They teamed up in 2013 and opened at least one live tour each year. They also have their own commercial items such as the Gachapon or some merchandise on the DEEN shop website. They have a close relationship in real life.

In Spring 2017, USSS formed a fictional unit called "Fourpe" (フォープ Fōpu) under contract with NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. In Fall 2019, the group received a short deformed animated comedy series, Days of Urashimasakatasen (浦島坂田船の日常 Urashimasakatasen no Nichijō).

Think about any background knowledge that pupils will need in order to understand and enjoy the story. Decide how to provide this before you begin the story reading. For example, young pupils in some parts of Africa would be familiar with a hippopotamus, but in others they may not be, so before reading the story Hot Hippo you would need to find out what pupils know by asking questions like these:

Practise reading the story aloud before you use it in your classroom. Think about how to perform the voices of the characters and about the actions you can use to make the story come alive. If there are drawings with the story, decide how to use these when you read to your class. 041b061a72


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