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Buy 2015 Subaru Wrx

Along with the introduction of the new engine and other features, the 2015 WRX also came with brand-new styling. The new styling most notably featured a more aggressive headlight design, a new grille, and a new hood scoop.

buy 2015 subaru wrx

This model year marked another refresh for the Subaru WRX. Still packing the same 268 hp 2.0-liter boxer as the 2015, 2016, and 2017 models, the 2018 WRX came with a new look and some small but noticeable mechanical upgrades. These included improved electric power steering, a revised suspension, and a newly designed synchromesh for the six-speed manual transmission, which were generally well-received by automotive critics.

The 2015-21 WRX offers a unique change of pace, as the factory 2-port solenoid is mounted directly to the plastic turbo inlet and interfaces with an o-ringed feature, rather than a vacuum hose. With expertise in designing machined parts and a tried and true boost control solenoid, we were excited to dig in and create a solution with an already proven pedigree of high performance and quality.

The advantages of a 3-port boost control system vs. the factory 2-port are readily apparent during the tuning process. The 3-port systems work by interrupting the boost signal traveling from the turbo to the wastegate. That boost is redirected back into the turbo inlet and re-ingested by the turbo using our machined adapter. This is important, as the factory Mass Airflow Sensor has already measured that air and is expecting that your motor will use it during combustion, rather than venting it to the atmosphere. The factory configuration simply 'bleeds' the signal from between the turbo and wastegate, which creates a system that is a bit less complex, but reacts more slowly and with less precision. The chart above shows two boost plots. The 'before' is our 2015 WRX, dyno tuned by a third party protuner. The 'after' is the exact same tune, but after the installation of the GrimmSpeed 3-Port EBCS. As you can see, the addition of the GrimmSpeed EBCS shows much tighter boost control and consistency. This is safer for your car and easier for your tuner to work with. 041b061a72


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