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One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

I keep in touch with one of them. As far as being surprised with where they've ended up, it would be different answers for each one individually. There's one where I'm like, "Oh my gosh, I would've never known you were going to do this," but I would say overall, I'm not surprised that where they are and what they've done. I'm very proud of them and what they've become, because it's not just all what the fans are seeing, smiles and jokes. It comes with an enormous amount of pressure to do what they've done. To start where they started. It makes me proud to say, "Yeah, I know those guys." Now they can't go too many places without being run down or attacked by hugs, and "Sign this!" and "Will you marry me?" But at the beginning, man, they were just really, really great kids.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

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Point number one,There this girl who thinks that she's not really beautiful aka she's very insecure about herself.Point number two, The girl is being loved by this guy who looks through her all the flaws and thinks she's beautiful naturally..he's totally in lover with her actions,smiles just everything!Point number three, the guy is indicating to see herself from his eyes!And fellas! Beauty comes with what? Whats beauty actually? That guy is trying to make her feel real,goddamn..i love ths song!

It's about a girl who does not think that she is beautiful because she doesn't know it yet but the guy tells her that she is beautiful like when Liam says "You're insecure don't know what for you're turning heads when you walk through the door" and that the guy is saying that she is insecure and that she is turning her head when she walks through the door and then Liam says "Don't need make-up to cover up being the way that you are is enough" and he is also saying that she doesn't need make-up to cover her identity and that the way she is enough.

It's a guy singing about that he loves everything about a girl and she doesn't know that she's beautiful but if she could see through his eyes.maybe she would understand that she's wrong and she is beautiful and she just doesn't know her smile and her actions.make him fall for her and how she doesn't know that she's beautiful is the fact that makes her beautiful cause she doesn't act like she's a princess or all that she acts like a normal person and is insecure but that's why she's beautiful in the inside and on the outside

It is about girls who have insecurities and need to be told more often that they are beautiful inside and out. They sing what every girl wants to here, especially people going through hard times and insecurity. Other songs that have a similar topic by One Direction are 'Little Things' and 'Diana"These 3 songs mean the world to me.

"In my mind, I was just saying 'No, no, you're so beautiful, you don't even know how beautiful you are,'" he recalls about the inspiration for Billboard's No. 28 best chorus of the 21st century. "And it was like, 'That's just really great that she doesn't know how beautiful she is. That's probably what makes her so beautiful.' And then I was like, "Oh, that's a good line!'"

And I wanted to use the "what makes you beautiful" concept. And then at the end, it was just [sings] "You don't know-oh-ohhhh! You don't know you're beautiful!" I said, "What do you guys think of that?" "Yep, sounds good, let's go!" We had no idea what it was going to become or anything like that.

So the original demo of "What Makes You Beautiful," there's a different line in the chorus -- "The way that you flip your hair makes me overwhelmed," that line was "You got me feeling things that I've never felt," or something like that. That's what the demo has with me singing, sounding like a dying cat. And I was in a hotel room, my wife was sleeping, and I was like "...It doesn't feel juicy enough." And I was writing for my wife, so I remembered, when I first met her, she walked into this bar in Stockholm, and she flipped her hair, and that's when I saw her face. So I just put that in. 041b061a72


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