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Love And Monsters YIFY

So, just to start off, I am a Rob Zombie fan. I don't like all his films, but I respect when he swings for the fences and gets a win. Some hits and some misses.I went into this wanting Rob Zombie to pull a rabbit out of his hat and blow everyone away.Pros: the sets are really cool. Whoever designed them and anyone that worked on it should feel proud. They look awesome. I'm kinda jealous. If I ever made a movie, I'd love to use them. The lighting was cool too. I know the garish green and purple highlighting will bother some people, but I kinda dig that sort of stuff. And the acting actually wasn't bad either. Everyone was trying really hard with their respective performances and trying to be campy.Cons: there is something really off about the movie I can't put my finger on. The editing feels "slow" or "delayed" maybe? I can't explain it but maybe some tightening up was in order. The music (or sound effects rather) are trying to imitate the old 60's show. And it doesn't work. They could've hired someone to compose a memorable score and it would've been a lot better. And finally... the film is boring. It feels like it's three hours long. It's really not funny. Rob should have hired another writer to polish things up. Play to your strengths.There are things that could've been enhanced and the movie would work soooo much better. I'm afraid to say, I think this one's a miss.

Love and Monsters YIFY

Monsters University as a prequel did have a fair bit to live up to, seeing as Monsters Inc is one of Pixar's best films. It is not as good as that film though, it doesn't quite have the same degrees of originality and heart(though there is still a fair bit of heart here, just that the final 10 minutes of Monsters Inc were among the most heartfelt moments of any Pixar film), but Monsters University is still more than worthy to it without being one of their best. And it is Pixar's best since Toy Story 3, Cars 2 and Brave were not as bad as often said on IMDb but compared to what Pixar had done before they fell short. As always with Pixar, the animation is amazing. The details, vibrant colours, eye-popping backgrounds and beautifully rendered characters are all here and done in a way that makes it true to the style of the original film. The uplifting and beautifully composed music score is also something to look out for, as are the witty screenplay, the interplay between Sulley and Mike is loose and recognisable and is often hilarious, the clever sight gags and affectionate nods to live action frat comedies. The humour comes by at a breakneck pace, but still gives you time to breathe at the same time. The story, while not as original as Monsters Inc, is still interesting and paced in a way that allows all the family to be entertained. It is also full of endless charm, perfectly pitched humour and great heartfelt morals that don't preach, telling a good story is one of Pixar's strongest points and it shows. The characters are still wonderful, it is easy to love Sulley and Mike still even in their younger versions, there are shades of Randall's character in the original coming through here and Dean Hardscrabble is a great addition, a literal monster's answer to Rebecca's Mrs Danvers. The lack of Boo doesn't hurt the film, despite fears that it would do. The voice acting is fantastic, John Goodman and Billy Crystal carry their lead roles splendidly and Helen Mirren is wonderfully stone-faced and menacing. Everybody gives their character a personality and one that stands out. To conclude, while not quite as good as Monsters Inc or one of Pixar's best it does compliment the original Monsters Inc really well and is a step-up from their previous two films. 9/10 Bethany Cox

This is the origins story of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan whom we got to know in the 2001 movie. And it's a great origins story. Mike and Sulley start out as enemies. Mike has never been scary, but his goal hasn't changed since when he was a kid. He's 'Rudy'. He's the little guy with heart and drive. Then we have Sulley who's been living off on his family's reputation and his natural abilities. When they accidentally destroy Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren)'s container, they are failed out of the Scare Program. They end up working together to get back in.The story is pulled from all those college movies like 'Revenge of the Nerds'. The big thing this movie has is heart. More than the first movie, we grow to love these guys and we see how they grow to love each other. This is even better than the original.

Six years ago NASA discovered the possibility of alien life within our solar system.A probe was launched to collect samples, but crashed upon re-entry over Central America.Soon after, new life form began to appear and half of Mexico was quarantined as an INFECTED ZONE.American and Mexican military still struggle to contain "the creatures" A US journalist agrees to escort a shaken tourist through the infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border....So a lot of people are complaining that the title is deceptive because of the lack of 'monsters'? Think outside of the box, monsters are everywhere in this film, from the greedy ticket seller, to the faceless girl who steals the passports, right up to the people who will pay big money for a girl getting attacked, and nothing for a girl smiling.It's a brilliant example of making a movie on a tight budget, and the makers have made a movie with a low budget, look more or less like a blockbuster.The two leads are fantastic in this, even though they are/were a couple in real life, they seem so comfortable, and the chemistry is awesome.The film does threaten to drag every now and again, but then it does something so subtle, that it grabs you and pulls you in a little bit more.It's a genuinely intense, atmospheric and altogether clever science fiction film. If you are expecting Bay-hem, you will hate it..

Monsters is set in a present day Earth where six years ago alien life was found in the solar system, however while returning with samples a NASDA spaceship crash landed in Mexico & now half the country is described as an 'Infected Zone' with giant alien creatures roaming around. American photojournalist Andrew Kaulder (Scoot McNairy) is on assignment in San Jose in Mexico when he gets a call to pick up his bosses daughter Samantha Wynden (Whitney Able) from hospital & escort her to safely across the Mexican border & back to the US. They have to pay thousands of dollars to get a ticket on a ferry to take them to the border but their passports are stolen & they become stranded, the two manage to pay a local man to arrange transport through the infected zone which is inhabited by the alien creatures which poses all sorts of dangers...This British production was photographed, written & directed by Gareth Edwards & he also created the special visual effects & chipped in as production designer so Monsters is pretty much his baby, while Monsters has an intriguing premise & isn't a total failure with certain aspects going for it I just found it a hard film to enjoy. Despite being called Monsters there are barely any monsters in it, the script is far more interested in character driven drama as we get to know the two leads & take the same journey as them through their perspective. In fact we barely see the alien creatures at all & the film wouldn't have been that much different if they had been removed with Andrew & Samantha merely trying to make it back to the US under more mundane circumstances which does seem a little bit of a waste, I mean the potential was here for a terrific sci-fi drama but while there's plenty of drama the makers forgot about the sci-fi. I just expected something different & I think most people sitting down to watch Monsters will, if you read the plot outline I am sure you will be expecting a different sort of film than this one. The fact that I didn't like either Andrew or Samantha as character's didn't help, I found it impossible to care about them, what happened to them or their situation. At 90 odd minutes I must admit I found Monsters quite dull & while the script goes for a low key naturalistic realism I couldn't get involved in the story to any great degree.As an alien invasion film all of the action takes place after the invasion as it were, there are constant reminders in the background from news reports on telly to the military presence & the alien creatures shrieking noises that add a little foreboding ambiance but the film ultimately never delivers. The special effects are pretty good, there's barely any scenes of the aliens but they look alright all the same. Monsters draws comparisons to another realistic style monster film Cloverfield (2008) but without the excitement or pay-off or entertainment value. Apparently made with a crew of two people & two main actors who would drive around & use location they liked the look of, apparently a lot of it was improvised with most of the extras & background people locals who were just there at the time the scenes were filmed.With a supposed budget of about $800,000 this looks nice enough with a very minimalist documentary feel about it, filmed in Mexico, Costa Rica, Texas & Guatemala. The acting is solid enough but again I just didn't like the two main leads.Monsters is not the film that i expected & if I am honest not the film I wanted to see, I can't say I liked it despite the good reviews although I suspect for every good review out there there's a bad one as Monsters is probably the kind of film you will either love or hate.

Not the best, however well worth a watch. I love the psycho family / kidnap type films, this one could have had a bit more substance. The fact that after 9 months, the main guy still looks ripped, and the car that has been standing still starts...Well.Give it a go. 041b061a72


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