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Highway To Hellas

Optimizing highway alignments (Jong & Schonfeld 2003; Jha, Schonfeld, Jong, & Kim, 2006) involves selection of the best alignment among many alternatives based on specified objectives while satisfying various design and operational constraints. Since there are numerous factors (such as topography, right-of-way, environmental and socio-economic characteristics, to name a few) that influence location of highway alignments, a comprehensive formulation of the objective function and selection of a good search algorithm is highly desirable. Our previous efforts (see Table 1) have been largely devoted to:

Highway to Hellas


Recently, we have also investigated bi-level and multi-objective approaches to the highway alignment problem (Kang, Yang, Schonfeld, & Jha, 2010; Maji & Jha 2009). Many details of the highway alignment optimization problem, such as impact of the topography on alignment selection has been skipped here since those can be found in previously published works. A brief reference of previously published works by our research team in the field of highway alignment optimization is shown in Table 1. 041b061a72


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