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Red Election (S01)

The series reflects the reality of living in a globalized, socially-connected world. Against a backdrop of simmering international tensions, the newly-elected British Prime Minister announces a referendum to decide the future of Scotland in the United Kingdom. But behind the scenes, a shady foreign power seeks to influence the election, unleash its agents of chaos, and upset the world order.

Red Election (S01)

Hi Mary, thank you for your great reviews of The Red Line. I have been watching and love the series but unfortunately I think the copy I have of episode 7 and 8 has somehow got mixed up.Would you mind telling me what scene episode 8 ends on? Is it the election night speech given by Tia? In my copy it ends with Tia and Daniel talking about how Harrison would have introduced them. The election night scenes are at 25 minutes in the version I have which I think is wrong.Thanks again for your great reviews, always love reading them!Kind regards,Kathryn

He is the subject of a series of criminal investigations, including one into the discovery of hundreds of documents with classified markings at his Florida club and whether he obstructed justice by refusing to return them, as well as state and federal examinations of his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, which he lost to Biden. 041b061a72


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