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Microsoft Office 2000 Driver

Introduced in 2000, the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server continues to be improved and maintained. It was open-sourced in 2016. For the latest information, including how to download the driver, see Overview of the JDBC Driver.

Microsoft Office 2000 Driver

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I agree, we use ODBC when we can. We had been using the ODBC driver to read MS Excel & Access files but ran into the problem with 32/64 windows and32/64 Office, the Open XML option let us develop and distribute a single app that we knew would work on either version of windows with either version of office installed.

In a conference call Thursday with financial analysts, Microsoft chief financial officer John Connors maintained that Windows 2000 sales are within expectations, and the company continues to win new customers. Connors did not say whether he was talking about Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server or both.

"It appears that Windows 2000 is not gaining traction at present and is not a compelling driver of PC upgrades given the tight macroeconomic environment," Merrill Lynch analyst Christopher Shilakes said in a research note.

After update to Windows 10, I tried to use the SCAN option in PHOTOED.EXE, a Microsoft program. The Acquisition error states that Photo Editor has detected an older version of Twain and that Photo Editor should be reinstalled. My version of PHOTOED is dated 12/15/2000. I copied it forward from Vista Home Premium and it worked fine on Windows 8.1. I cannot find a new version of Photo Editor to install for Windows 10 that includes the TWAIN scanner. I am able to scan with other software, but not directly from the PHOTOED.EXE. This results in extra steps to scan and reload the new document so that it can be edited in the Photo Editor. Is there a solution to update and reactivate the TWAIN driver in the PHOTOED program? 041b061a72


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