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Deadly Premonition The Directors Cut

What I thought it wasI honestly have no idea. I recall hearing about it, but not any details about it - it's a mystery. Although given the title I know it's going to involve someone having premonitions and how deadly they are. I don't even know who developed or published it - so I doubt it's a good game... Good games I tend to know details about.

Deadly Premonition The Directors Cut

I was surprised, but not disappointed, when I started it the first time and found it was the original version and not the directors cut. Having played both before, the only difference I really noticed between the two were the added cutscenes in the directors cut. The graphical changes just weren't that noticeable to me. Everything was still in its wonderful janky glory.

It does make me wonder though if the reason they didn't release the Directors Cut is because the sequel may retcon some things in it? Looking at the two different trailers for the sequel, it very much appears the old man Aaliyah is speaking with is York ( the scars match the ones York has in the first one), but he looks different than he does in the end of the directors cut, and his living situation looks much different. Aaliyah speaks of a case he claimed to have closed 14 years before that I guess has popped up again. Meaning the gameplay with York is him recounting the case from 14 years before and there'll be additional gameplay with her in the present?

Pretty sure this is halfway between the Original and the Directors Cut. Pretty sure most of the controls are from the directors cut plus the game only has easy as an option as in the DC. However, there are none of the cutscenes from the DC. 041b061a72


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