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Nadia: Secret Of The Blue Water Episode 32

Gainax's initial involvement with the project occurred during an internal power struggle within the company. During a pitch with NHK, Group TAC requested character designs and settings. Hiroaki Inoue provided character designs and storyboards for the pitch that were provided by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Mahiro Maeda working in secret. After the conclusion of the pitch NHK chose to proceed with Inoue's Nadia presentation. However the estimated cost of producing the show would cause Gainax to lose money. After a meeting at NHK where senior Gainax staff demanded Inoue be removed from the project or else they would withdraw, Inoue left the company. Sadamoto was originally assigned to be director but eventually dropped out, preferring to concentrate on design and animation. Hideaki Anno was chosen as his replacement.[5][6] The series contains references and in-jokes to other anime works including Space Battleship Yamato, Macross and Time Bokan.[7] Portions of the infamous "island" episodes of the series were animated in Korea.[6]

Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water Episode 32

The point of an adventure story is the ADVENTURE. Seeing new lands and new scenarios unfold. Stuff like the episode where the submarine was trapped in an underwater minefield, or the sub-continental cavern leading into an underground graveyard, were really badass. 041b061a72


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