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[S1E6] Electricity

A different man takes Carmen and Manny to a separate place in the building where they manage to overcome and kill the guard before finding a whole stash of guns. Before they get there though, they manage to let the rest of the group into the building, splitting up to cover more ground. While Sun and Manny go through the vents to see if they can spot a way out, Williams heads off on his own, where he turns off the electricity and causes chaos to ensue. With the sound of gunshots and screaming echoing around him, he tries to find another way out but can already hear people have started to turn into zombies.

[S1E6] Electricity

After dinner, Jenner shows the group around the building, directing the children towards the rec room and telling everyone not to waste electricity. The survivors are thrilled to luxuriate in hot showers, all except for Shane, who angrily swallows a bottle of liquor while he bathes; and Andrea, who sits numbly under the stream.

Mel spent days in bed after they performed the spell. She was mourning the loss of her relationship with Niko and researching the pattern found on Marisol and the other dead women. It was a Lichtenberg figure pattern commonly found on people who were struck by lightning. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of demons associated with lightning and electricity.

Joel awakens in the morning to find Ellie keeping guard, having taken over when she woke up to find him asleep. Joel scolds her for not waking him up, but Ellie retorts she did everything necessary for keeping watch before giving him back his gun. They continue trekking through the snow, crossing a bridge over what they assume is the "River of Death". At first, their journey continues uninterrupted as they encounter no dangers. As they trek along the riverbank, Ellie tries to learn how to whistle like Joel, to no avail, and asks that he teach her how to hunt at some point. They come across a hydroelectric dam, which Joel explains is how people used to get electricity. As they continue however, Ellie questions if the "River of Death" was referring to the location near the dam. They are soon interrupted by a party of armed survivors on horseback, who demand they drop their weapons. As their leader looks on, one of the men asks if they have been near any infected, before sending a dog to check for any signs of infection. The dog ignores Joel, but it is then sent to inspect Ellie. Joel finds himself overcome with terror at the prospect of Ellie getting shot, but thankfully the dog seems more interested in playing with her. Having confirmed they are not infected, Joel explains he is looking for his brother; hearing this, the leader of the group suddenly steps forward and asks for his name. 041b061a72


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