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Kuran Son Ahit Online

Soon after the reports surfaced online, Twitterati came up with valuable suggestions. Some suggested that Tesla and SpaceX CEO should refrain from making transphobic comments henceforth while others wanted to meet his daughter. Here's what netizens are saying to Musk and his daughter:

Kuran Son Ahit Online

(Musa makes a pun on the word "algorithm," which is a set of instructions used by a computer in order to perform a specific task. Being an online-focused company, Amazon makes use of algorithms throughout its business, such as tracking a customer's order history and determining what they might want to buy next. Musa also compares Bezos' rapping prowess to former Vice President Al Gore, who was mocked for his slow manner of speaking and became misquoted as claiming credit for the invention of the Internet from his statement, "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." Being another older white man associated with the Internet, he claims that both are incapable of rapping well.)

(Amazon's success in the online shopping market is a prominent factor in many "mom and pop shops," or small businesses, ceasing operations due to their disadvantage of competing with them. In response to Musa's last line boasting his major accomplishments and helping others, he says Bezos only worsens the competition by leading to the elimination of the smaller companies, which leads to economic disadvantages.)

(Mansa Musa is often only known as the wealthiest man in history, but many people would not know of what he did, and he is not considered a famous figure to be studied by historians. Bezos also brings this back to his last line since even if his research team tried to look into Musa, they wouldn't find much of his importance. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides audiobooks and is often promoted as a service that helps you learn new information from the audiobooks they have in their library. Bezos says that despite this, he wouldn't be familiar with what Musa did because his story isn't popular. Bezos also laughs throughout his verses, referencing his laugh being derided online for sounding like a supervillain's.)

(Amazon owned the domain, which was an online retailer for baby products until it closed in 2017. Bezos says that like when Musa would shit himself like a baby would, implying he can act like a toddler despite his accidental action of killing his mom.) 041b061a72


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