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Download Crossy Road Castle and Challenge Yourself in the Snowpeak Palace

CROSSY ROAD CASTLE is the follow up to 2015's popular Crossy Road app, with a significant difference: instead of trying to navigate your way through an endless set of roads or highways, this time, you're trying to make your way through an endless set of randomized floors in a castle. Players will leap across platforms, dodge attacks by birds and other blocky creatures, and bounce across chasms. Failing to clear one of these hazards will cost one heart, and if you lose three hearts, you start over from the beginning. Along the way, they'll try to grab tokens, which can be redeemed for new characters at the end of a run. Coins can also be grabbed to buy lost hearts back at machines in the game (which are placed every ten levels as a break in the action) or to buy new extras like hats. Every 30 levels, players will also face off against a boss, which will give them a new challenge as they avoid attacks and try to defeat enemies. Crossy Road Castle can be played solo, or up to four players can try to advance up the tower as far as they can go.

This arcade action game is a lot of fun, but with friends or family, it becomes very hard to put down. Crossy Road Castle is the follow up to the wildly popular Crossy Road app, but instead of crossing a road, you're scaling an endless number of floors in an ever-growing castle, collecting coins and tokens along the way. The controls are incredibly simple, since all you have to worry about is jumping or moving left or right on a level. But the complexity comes in the random layout of stages, which will keep you on your toes as you focus on avoiding spikes and leaping on creatures. Along the way, you'll collect coins and tokens to unlock new characters, and will even try to unlock new secrets by going through hidden green doors. Every thirty levels, players will face off against a boss, requiring you to avoid their attacks before hitting them back. It's easy to learn, but harder to fully master as a solo player.

download crossy road castle

Crossy Road Castle takes the fun of the original breakout hit and adds multiplayer chaos Instead of a busy road, up to four players will try to climb as high as possible in different castles. While you can play by yourself, it's possible to connect other players on a single device or multiple devices where the game is available.

So I play Crossy road castle a lot and I get everything on here and the astronaut just not the mystery figures but I got a key for the next tower and 400 tokens for the next update plus the coins and I love the game and I love all my characters my most favorite is space dog and astronaut but anyways I always play with players and today I just unlocked the astronaut cause there was a room with a bird and I was in player mode and a person was playing around with the button that the bird was Lasered and I had to play by myself this time and I got the 4th gem then the third try the bird died again and in the third try I knew how to do it now and I did it and I got everything but not the prince the school girl the vampire or the gnome and thank you for making the game in Apple Arcade someday a lot of people will love it

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