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Buy Desk Near Me

Whatever size your bedroom or office may be - we've got the perfect computer desk for you! Big Lots has your home office desk covered with corner desks, small computer desks and lots of other options so you can study and work in style!

buy desk near me


RISE Light is our most affordable standing desk model. Built on a powerful 2-stage, Dual-Motor adjustable-height base, RISE Light standing desk is perfectly suited for daily use and abuse in a modern home or corporate office environment. Most recommended for those needing a simple yet powerful sit-stand solution without the speed, range, and weight capabilities of our standard RISE Premium.

What is the difference between RISE Desk and RISE Light?RISE Premium is our strongest and fastest model with the highest/lowest adjustable range while.RISE Light is our entry-level sit-stand desk. Both are awesome. Find additional details below:

Just like the title says, from the moment I talked with Nick about our purchase, to the time we got the desks assembled, each step reminded me of those unique companies that are doing customer service right. Nick was always willing to help and get our order taken care of in a timely fashion. The delivery team was prompt and friendly, and just like the website says, the desks only took a few minutes to assemble. We are so happy with our purchase and our team feels taken care of. If you want a great experience, and beautiful and functional desks, these are amazing. Ask for Nick, he's great!

I did a lot of research before purchasing this desk. The fact that the company is located in San Francisco is a huge plus in tracking and receiving the shipment on time. The desk is sturdy and looks great in my home office. Some of the assembly instructions were not super clear but I was able to assemble myself and everything worked right away.

We bought 2 desks for our office. I use it for work and my boyfriend mostly for gaming. Needless to say, we both spend hours and hours at our desks and these are a great size to fit all our gadgets but best of all, we can switch from sit to stand SO EASILY. We were on the hunt for a great desk for a great price and this is it. Customer service is also top notch. We wanted to hold our order to be delivered until we got access to our new apartment and Nick made the process so easy. 10/10 would recommend!

I am obsessed with my EasyErgo Rise Light standing desk. I work 8-12 hour days and would be in bad shape if I couldn't stand during that time. My company gave every employee a stipend for office supplies at the beginning of the pandemic, and it was hard to find a standing desk within budget, but this desk delivered! I did a ton of research, and based on quality, shipping speed, and cost, EasyErgo was the winner. It's exactly what I needed, was super easy to set up, and has been working great for the last 6 months. It raises and lowers quietly and at a steady pace. You can program the heights you want, or adjust as needed if different people are sharing the space. I went with the white desk top and gray legs. The white top is durable, easy to clean, and looks nice and modern. My only wishes would be for a small drawer for things like pens, and maybe a hole / section near one edge to run cables through (my cables just hang between the wall and desk). But I honestly just needed the automatic sit/stand function. It adjusts to exactly the heights I need, and fits perfectly in my home office (aka my living room). It's wide and long enough to comfortably fit my 24" monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse, lamp, and desk decor. I could fit another monitor but honestly don't need it.

And I must mention the impeccable delivery: the desk arrived in 3 days! During the pandemic! The fast shipping was a primary reason I went with EasyErgo over another similarly priced automatic desk and chair company (which had a 2-3 month estimated shipping date). A representative from EasyErgo called me the day before delivery to confirm I would be home and the best time to bring the desk, and then on arrival day called an hour before as a heads-up, and then arrived exactly on time. I have never seen customer service and speed like that (even with Amazon Prime you don't have someone calling to confirm the exact time you'll be home).

Nearly 90% of employees agree that they perform their jobs better in a well designed work space. A holistic, design-driven floor plan utilizing stand-up desks can have a positive impact on your employees health and overall productivity. UPLIFT Desk can help your office thrive with best-in-class, affordable solutions. With strategic planning, you can achieve the stylish design your team needs to live healthier, work better, and feel inspired. Get in touch today for a free office layout.

"The UPLIFT V2 is the most customizable standing desk we've reviewed so far. The company allows you to configure the desk to your liking from the desktop itself all the way down to the frame and keypad."

We looked for highly rated lamps in different price ranges. And because everyone has different aesthetic preferences, we sought out desk lamps in a variety of style categories, from classic to modern.

In the initial round of testing for this guide, we considered over 100 models and arrived at a short list of 42 promising desk lamps, which eventually got whittled to a final testing list of 10 lamps. In our 2022 update, we researched nine more lamps and tested six more, based on the following criteria:

In 2022 tests, Gregory tried each lamp in a home-office environment, following guidelines established from our previous review. And he worked beside each model as a primary light source for a minimum of three hours each. He also reviewed the adjustability of each model, measured arm reach and swivel distance, and may have even lightly slapped the desk lamps around to test their stability. Also, since working from home is still a reality for many, Gregory turned on each lamp, positioned for both direct and indirect lighting, during a series of video calls, to see whether any of them improved how he looked on camera.

Equip working desks with desk name plates morefrom Staples to let new clients and customers identify employees as they enter the office. Choose from a variety of modern or classic fonts with 28 color combinations and five different holder styles to customize office name plates. Familiarize newcomers in multiple industries such as technology and computers, health care, and real estate companies. Add a full name and title to name plates and enhance the design by choosing plate holders.

Choose name plates in one of two dimensions; 2 x 8 and 2 x 10. The larger size is practical for longer names or multiple titles that apply to an employee. Desk signs are available in 28 different colors for lettering and backgrounds to match the decor of the office or company style. They consist of 1/16-inch thick, 2-ply ABS plastic, which is micro-surfaced for added durability. Choose between the walnut plate holder, or a special designer frame with rounded edges to suit the preferred style of the desk owner. Plate holders are freestanding and include a rectangular base, back, and slanted front to display names at the correct angle.

Opt for express, expedited, or ground delivery and receive desk signs in five to seven business days after ordering. Select up to five units in a single order to equip offices with engraved plates. When ordering multiple units, all name plates will have the same information. less 041b061a72


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