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Which Electric Toothbrush To Buy

Generally speaking, electric toothbrushes have settled down into two basic types. The first, as manufactured by Oral-B, have a small, round head that oscillates at high speed, rotating quickly one way then the other many thousands of times a second to scrub your teeth and gums. They combine this with a pulsating action, designed to break up plaque along the gum line, making it easier to brush away.

which electric toothbrush to buy

To test electric toothbrushes we use them twice a day over a period of at least one week, making sure we get a feel for how they handle and perform when cleaning. During the test period we will try any specific brush modes and attachments, and install any apps required to get the most out of built-in smart features. For at least one of those brushes, we will use plaque disclosing tablets to check that all areas of the teeth are getting a proper clean (allowing for a little user error). To check battery life, we also leave the toothbrush running while standing up and time how long it takes for the battery to run down. We then divide this figure by the four minutes per day recommended by dentists to get an accurate idea of how many weeks and days a single charge should last.

As for the brush itself, it feels and works much like a mid-range Sonicare toothbrush, with four brushing modes designed for cleaning, whiting, sensitive teeth and a gum massage, and a nice, slim handle with a grippy, rubber feel. It switches itself off when the usual two-minute brush is done, and pulses every 30 seconds during use to remind you to brush another quarter of your mouth. Battery life, meanwhile, is brilliant, with enough charge to get you through a good month of brushing before recharging via USB. A great electric toothbrush for not a lot of money, even without the subscription plans.

Getting kids to clean their teeth well is rarely easy, but a decent electric brush can help, and this one will make it fun, too. The interactive Bluetooth app puts the character Sparkly, who loves nothing more than cleaning his teeth, at the centre of the action on your device. Not only can kids mimic Sparkly cleaning his teeth in real time, focusing on different sections of the mouth, but they can gain rewards including food, accessories and new skills for him by cleaning as they should and for the required two minutes.

Not all electric toothbrushes are created equal, and the one you choose really comes down to your personal preferences and comfort levels. When choosing between different models, understanding the different kinds of electric toothbrushes and their technology may help inform your decision.

And while just remembering to brush makes a big difference, some toothbrushes can help make sure you do it right, which is essential to get the most benefit from regular brushing. Good, consistent tooth brushing can help eliminate the sticky, germy film that builds up on teeth (known as plaque), which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Severe gum disease has been linked to larger health issues, including heart problems and diabetes.

Depending on what toothbrush you select, an electric toothbrush can help you brush long enough and correctly. Many models come with a timer, and some also include features like pressure sensors to prevent overaggressive brushing.

Some other studies indicate that people may wear away the tissue below tooth enamel with a powered brush faster than they might with a manual brush, though research suggests that manual brushing can do the same. Dental and periodontal experts say you can avoid this problem by using a gentle touch, no matter which toothbrush you use.

Cleaning performance: To see how well each brush cleaned, a dental hygienist measured plaque levels in volunteers after having them skip brushing and using other dental products for 24 hours. Each then brushed using one of the electric toothbrushes for 2 minutes. Before-and-after differences in plaque levels made up the cleaning performance score. If a toothbrush came with multiple brushing modes or brush heads, we scored it based on the mode and head combination that scored highest. This is the most important factor in the Overall Score of a toothbrush.

First, we run the toothbrush on its various settings and measure how loud it is with a decibel counter app. We then compare these results to other appliances and noise levels. We run and use the toothbrush on its different settings and modes, noting any differences in intensity and durations between settings. We also test the charging process, including how long it takes to reach a full charge, and for the battery to deplete. Finally, we submerge each toothbrush underwater for the length of a brushing cycle to test its water resistance.

A key factor for many users is battery life. If your electric toothbrush spends most of its life in a charging dock by your bathroom basin, then battery life is not much of a problem. But if you travel regularly, then you may benefit from an electric toothbrush with a long-lasting battery. Look for toothbrushes that carry an internal lithium battery, as these can often hold their charge for several weeks.

Many electric toothbrushes come with additional features, and while these can be great, the simplest features are often the best. These are pressure sensors which alert you when you press too hard on your gums or teeth, and automatic timers which can be set to ensure you clean your teeth for the recommended amount of time, usually 2-3 minutes.

Sonic electric toothbrushes feature brush heads that more closely resemble traditional manual toothbrushes but employ sonic technology that vibrates the head up to an incredible 60000 BPM for a truly thorough clean. That said, there is little evidence to support one method over another, so your choice could come down to whether you enjoy the slightly less intense oscillating brush head over the sonic brush.

The Oral-B Genius X is the ideal next-level toothbrush for anyone wanting to improve and maintain good dental hygiene. An interactive app tracks and monitors your brushing habits and patterns using A.I. technology, while extra features help users set oral hygiene goals with coaching tips and tricks.

The Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 delivers two oral hygiene must-haves in one fell swoop, by combining a separate sonic toothbrush and water flosser in one compact device, making it cost-effective and space-saving.

Designed to be plugged into a bathroom socket near a basin, it may not be right for everyone, and a lack of extra features may disappoint some users. But when it comes to value for money, you could do worse than investing in the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0, rather than shelling out separately for an electric toothbrush and a water flosser.

16 intensity settings allow users to set the level of cleaning, while an angled brush head and extended bristles let you access those hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. A ridged panel at the back of the toothbrush head allows for cheek and tongue cleaning.

Although our tester worked their way through the 16 levels of intensity, they tended to find that the highest level setting gave the best results, or results closest to that of a regular sonic toothbrush, while the lower levels were largely redundant. However, users with sensitive teeth or painful gums may prefer operating this toothbrush at a lower setting.

It took our tester just five hours to fully charge the battery, which is impressive given other brands can take over 20. However, the rechargeable toothbrush does hold less charge than some other electric toothbrushes, lasting only 10 days when others might last weeks or months between charges. If you were going on a long holiday, you would definitely need to pack the charger.

Based on its low price point and connected, smart features, we think you could spend a lot more cash on a toothbrush and still get the same experience. The Hum by Colgate is great value for money and fun to use.

The Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush is an affordable option for those switching from manual to electric for the first time. Designed by dentists, it uses sonic technology to mimic the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush with a deep-clean effect.

Although fairly basic, there is plenty to like about the Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush. It's has an elegant, minimalistic design, available in three stylish colors - white, graphite grey and rose gold (and a limited edition Pride print) and three cleaning modes (sensitive, clean and white). A sturdy travel case is also included, as well as a charging dock. One drawback is that whilst this toothbrush is widely available in the US, the charging plug is designed for the UK, so you will need an adaptor in order to use it. However, the brush does come with an impressive three toothbrush heads, with replacements costing only $30 for a pack of three.

We worked our way through all three cleaning modes in our at-home testing. Whilst sensitive and clean gave good results, we tended to find that the highest setting - white - gave the best results. However, users with sensitive teeth or painful gums may prefer operating this toothbrush on the sensitive mode. We found the brush to be highly effective in removing plaque and discoloration, providing a clean finish that felt not too dissimilar to a deep clean you might receive at a hygienist - and all for an affordable price tag.

User reviews of the Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush are very positive, with the majority of users also citing a really deep clean. Negative reviews focus on the 3-pin charging plug. It's also worth noting that there is no accompanying Bluetooth app with this toothbrush, so if you're really looking to upgrade your oral hygiene routine, you might want to invest in a more premium option.

If you're a committed user who takes advantage of the tracking features, this can give you the best possible teeth and gum care. The new base with live feedback removed the need to rely on a connected phone for live feedback as you brush, which makes it less fiddly. 041b061a72


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