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Download AYA 2023 Rar [NEW]

I downloaded this before and never had a problem. but now when im downloading i keep getting critcal error on these few packs; cats & dogs, city living, and couple more. i have turned off the fire wall and stuff and all the other packs work but not these. any suggestions on how to fix this? I have legit game.

Download AYA 2023 rar


yesterday i downloaded the packs and managed to play with he packs on my slready created game, however today it opens but my original game with sims isnt there and everything is completely new. how do i get my old world back please?

Hi, so it says i have the packs owned but when i hover over them it says i need to download them to use them and when i go in CAS and try to make a vampire sim the option to make them a vampire isnt there.

What video do we need to watch? the steps above are unclear for lost all dlc. Where are do we type the numbers? Do we need to delete this and redownload? Can someone link a video to fix the missing dlc?

hey i accidentaly downloaded 3packs twice because it said the first time that it did not work and the second time it did work but now i have three worlds twice and its annoying because i have two of the same townies and two of every item that comes with the do i delete 1 version of the pack but keep the other?

yesterday i downloaded all the packs and kits and they were working i even played the game for hours, today when i launched the game i saw all my kits and packs r gone they r showns as unowned and i cant even resume my game bc i dont have the packs i used yesterday i opened the updater again tried to download all but it didnt show any pack it just did something and said its done so i tried to launching game again but i didnt have the packs back what do i do now?

Im so sorry to be a pain but ive spent way to much time trying to figure this out. Something is just not clicking. I have downloaded the updater ran it and choose what packs I wanted downloaded. Once that was finished I dont understand what im suppose to do. I have downloaded the DLC Unlocker and followed those steps am i suppose to move something after I installed that? do you know of any videos of watching step by step ? When I run the sims it says i have the packs but need to download so its the unlocker i believe im having troubles with. I have windows and the Orginal game base from EA. Thank you

Can you tell me steps for future DLC.For example tomorrow there will be 2 new dlc and to use them in my legal game I should use dlc updater once more to download them and after that use DLC unlocker, right?Or I am missing something?

I have legal game and legal dlc. I just want to download the high school years dlc from the updater. If I download it, will my game and other my legal dlc be cracked? (sorry for my bad English, please help)

can someone tell me where can i find the folder that contains the packs that i downloaded from the anadius update, because when i was downloading them my computer went to sleep & when i turn it back on it said that i had to install the packs again but when i go check in my storage is in there so im trying to delete them so i can re download them again because if not its going to take double of my space if i download them again without deleting the ones that downloaded before my computer went to sleep.

why is my game broken? the UI use to be original and have no problems but ever since i did the latest download/update a few months ago to sims 4 with the updater its now green on some icons, some icons are different shapes, and sometimes it shows up in weird spots.

Hi! I downloaded all the dlcs and i got the kits and packs and that i wanted and i could even make a sim in cas but when i tried to pick the lot that i want to move in it says loading error and goes to the maps page and idk what to do???

i wanted to download the new two kits but the updater wont let me bc my game version doesnt match the version available in the updater. the game works just fine with all the previous packs but somehow i cant download new ones. how can i fix it? i updated the game via origin multiple times before running the updater but still doesnt work.

I have just updated the legit game and downloaded the updater and clicked update and it said all done but when I click on the game it comes up with system error and says anaduis64.DLL was not found. I have already tried updating the updater a few times and my anti virus was turned off. My game worked fine before this. How can I fix this issue? Thank you

Switch off your anti-virus.Re-download the Updater, extract it and place the Updater folder on your desktop.Add that folder to the exceptions in the anti-virusTurn your anti-virus back on.

Your anti-virus blocked the crack in the folder Game-cracked.1.Switch off your anti-virus2.Download Game-cracked.rar3.Extract the downloaded .rar file with Winrar4.Copy the extracted folder Game-cracked to your installation folder of the legal The Sims 45.Run the updater on your legal file, check the missing packs GP09, GP12, SP22, SP36 and SP376.Switch your anti-virus on7.Put the legal folder under the exceptions of your anti-vius

Is she using mods/cc ?Has she re-downloaded the latest EA DLC unlocker ?When she runs the Unlocker does it say Origin detected or Desktop detected?When the game starts via Origin and the unlocker shows Desktop detected, then run the Unlocker again and type 5 firstLikewise when game starts via the EA app and the unlocker shows Origin detected.

When you have at least a legal base game:Make sure that the EP, FP, GP and SP folders are inside the main directory of your legal The Sims 4 installation folder (where you also see folders like Data, Delta, Game etc.)You can easily locate your legal installation folder by downloading this small file and double-clicking on it.Re-apply the EA DLC Unlocker.Type 5 first, then 1,2,14 and q again

ADGA HAS AUTHORIZED THE USE OF A STAMPED DUPLICATE OF THE REGISTRATION APPLICATION FOR ANIMALS OF ANY AGEThe ADGA Board of Directors has approved the use of stamped duplicates of applications for registration for all ADGA programs until the NG computer conversion is complete and registration processing is current. This measure is necessary due to the delays in the ADGA computer conversion project. We request all organizations (including state fairs) that hold ADGA sanctioned shows during this time period to accept stamped duplicates as well as Certificates of Registry. Expired stamped duplicates have been extended to December 31, 2023.

Note for Mac users:*Start the app clicking on launch.command*As the app is not downloaded from the AppStore, it is necessary to allow it to run manually at System Preferences > Security and Privacy

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