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Who Buys Gold And Diamonds !NEW!

This email will go to our contact at Abe Mor who has helped thousands of our readers sell their gold and diamond jewelry. They consistently offer the highest prices for our readers' jewelry. Please include the weights and details of the jewelry. Images are helpful as well.

who buys gold and diamonds

This is the current wholesale price of gold. When selling gold you receive a percentage of the price. We recommend asking Abe Mor for a quote as they have consistently offered the highest percentage to our readers.

This is simply a reality of business. All businesses have expenses, and the companies buying gold need to be able to make a profit in order to stay in business. They also need to cover the costs associated with melting and refining your gold jewelry so that it can be reused.

Some gold selling websites provide calculators that allow you to quickly and easily work out the pure gold content of a gold ring or other jewelry, then calculate an approximate price for the gold used to make the item.

Because of these lower operating costs, online gold buyers can afford to take a lower margin on the products they purchase and then sell. This means that you, as the party selling gold, will get a better price than you usually will from a brick-and-mortar store.

If you contact Abe Mor directly, they are willing to give a better rate for larger purchases of gold like bullion or coins. These days, online gold bullion buyers will usually provide a quote based on the weight of gold that you want to sell, then provide an address for you to send the gold via an insured, track and trace delivery service. Some also work with local partners at which you can drop off the gold.

The reason for this is that pawn shops make the majority of their revenue by loaning money to their customers. In order to get a good return on investment by buying gold, the pawn shop will need to buy it for a low enough price to be able to sell it with a reasonable profit margin.

Most gold jewelry is sold based on its scrap gold value. After buying a gold engagement ring, a vendor will normally melt it down (or sell it onwards to a third party precious metals refinery) so that the gold can be reused for a new item.

Luxurious, brand name items are different. While a regular gold wedding band will sell based on its scrap gold value, an item like a gold wristwatch or a brand name gold bracelet from a popular fashion house usually has much more value in its finished form than it does as scrap gold.

Selling your gold online will usually get you the best price, especially compared to selling it to a local pawn shop or jewelry store. We recommend using the following tips to get the best deal on your gold jewelry, coins or other items:

Sell Your Gold is one of the top online gold buyers in the market, and we buy more than just gold. With over 50 years' experience in the industry, we specialize in buying all precious metals found in jewelry, coins, bullion and watches. Want to learn more about each item we buy? Click the category you're interested in below to learn more.

"Gold" may be in our name, but diamonds are our best friend! Our GIA-educated professionals are experienced in evaluating precious stones including diamonds and gemstones - loose or found in your jewelry. Our in-house jeweler has worked with estate, antique as well as designer pieces evaluating stones and special item characteristics.

Do you have old jewelry that you don't wear anymore? Bring it to Bay Area Diamond Company and we will pay you immediately! If you want to trade it in toward something new from our store, we'll pay you 1.5 times its value.We encourage an appointment, but this service only takes a few minutes and therefore can be done anytime you stop in. Within the last few years, the price of gold has risen astronomically. For years, the price of gold was holding a steady price of around $400/ounce. Today, it's well over $1,000/ounce!

At Express Gold Cash we understand that selling your diamonds and gold jewelry for cash can be both sensitive and confusing. We work to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. We accept all forms including loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, and melee diamonds. Request an appraisal kit now and send us your old or unwanted diamonds and gold jewelry for cash today.

If you have questions about the value of your diamonds, please call us at 877-465-3165 or email us at You can also request a free pack today for a fast and easy custom valuation.

You can sell your unwanted items in a confidential and professional setting. In your consultation, our Fast-Fix skilled jewelers will carefully examine each individual piece and test it with industry-leading equipment, ensuring you get paid top dollar and are treated fairly. We will accurately test the exact karat content in any gold piece with the finest acceptable practices on the market today. We do all of our testing right in front of you. We then weigh the item and determine a price and you receive payment the same day or same as cash.

Some of our clients prefer to keep their diamonds, gems or sentimental stones and simply sell the metal in the jewelry itself. At Fast-Fix, we can carefully remove any diamonds, gems or precious stones while you watch. We do this free of charge!

If there is a piece of jewelry you want us to make for you or a service you wish for us to perform, your scrap gold and diamonds are like cash. Get full retail credit in our store to use any way you like. The credit never expires and you can use it whenever you want.

At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair, we want you to be more than happy during your visit. Some of our clients prefer to keep their diamonds, gems or sentimental stones and simply sell the metal in the jewelry itself. At Fast-Fix, we can carefully remove any diamonds, gems or precious stones while you watch. We do this free of charge!

Although there is a higher mark-up for diamonds in a traditional retail store, with the industry connections and inventory available at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair, we will make sure you get the most you can for a diamond you are no longer in need of and are looking to sell.

Gold jewelry, unless it is a brand, is typically melted down for scrap, and sold at slightly above melt price for the price of gold that day. This post explains how to understand the value and price of your gold, as well as where to sell it for the highest price.

Pawnbrokers are a decent option if you need quick cash for your gold, diamond or other jewelry or precious metals. Expect to get 30% of the retail value of your item, and make sure you do research on the current price of gold or silver, and get a couple estimates before you sell your jewelry at a pawnshop.

Circa pays cash for jewelry, and accepts high-end branded jewelry, as well as diamonds of at least .4 carats, and engagement rings. They will also purchase historical or estate jewelry including pieces such as: Antique, Edwardian, Georgian, Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, Art Deco, Retro and Modern.

WP Diamonds has a solid reputation as an online jewelry buyer, and promises to get you a fair price for your diamond or designer jewelry, loose stones (diamonds of at least .5 carats), handbags and watches.

In summary, WP Diamonds is a reputable online diamond and jewelry buyer, that has been around for a long time. It is the fastest way to sell diamonds safely online to the experts. You can read my WP Diamonds review if you want to learn more about this company.

CashforGoldUSA buys all gold, silver, diamond and gemstone jewelry, coins, flatware and tableware via overnight shipping. The Boston-based company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and hundreds of high Trustpilot reviews, and promises to pay within 24 hours of accepting terms.

Your articles on this topic have been SO helpful. When I use the gold calculators I get an idea of what my stuff would be worth. Is there an average industry-wide percent the online buyers (like CashForGoldUSA) take that I should budget for? For instance, if my stuff values at $200 on the calculator, by how much should I expect their fees/commissions to reduce my offer?

It usually takes less than 15 minutes to sell your gold; our buyers quickly evaluate your pieces and make you a cash offer based on the current market price for gold. If your piece has a higher intrinsic value, we will offer you a higher price.

We offer the best prices because we do all of our metal refinery on site. This means we don't have to send out your jewelry with long delays or pay extra commissions to other vendors. Bring us your rare coins, estate jewelry, silver flatware, luxury watch, gold, and much more to receive the best quote in the area.

If you're looking to sell diamonds, you're in luck. The staff at Unique Gold & Diamonds has special training in diamond buying, and we'll take stones loose (with or without certification) or as part of a piece. If selling is not the route you want to take, we can also reset the stone in a new piece, recut it, or polish it to look good as new.

Our commitment to no-pressure and highly satisfying sales extends to coins, as well. Where some places offer you just the gold value of your coin, we take the time to research each piece's unique value and offer you the price you deserve.

Whether you need to sell your jewelry or design a new piece, the Unique experience is all-inclusive and guarantees your satisfaction 100%. Bring in your gold or silver coins or any jewelry you're ready to part with for the highest prices in the area. We care about our customers and are ready to start building a relationship that will help with all your jewelry needs for years to come.

With an annual turnover of $4.1 billion, the company currently ranks as the 6th largest jewellery retailer globally and today has a strong retail network of over 300 outlets spread across 10 countries in addition to multiple offices, design centers, wholesale units and factories spread across India, Middle East, Far East & USA. The group, owned by more than 4,000 shareholders, has more than 16,500 professionals from over 26 countries working towards its continued success. Malabar Gold & Diamonds also features an online store providing customers the opportunity to purchase their favorite jewelry at any time and on any day from the comfort of their homes. 041b061a72


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